8 Consejos Simples Para Evitar Los Bocadillos Tarde En La Noche

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8 Consejos Simples Para Evitar Los Bocadillos Tarde En La NocheLos bocadillos pueden ser una bendición para cualquier persona aprender a comer sano. Por un lado, un pequeño refrigerio saludable después de un entrenamiento o de una hora o así antes de una tarde de comida puede ayudar a evitar cometer el mal, el hambre inducida por alimentos decisiones más adelante. Por otro lado, los bocadillos pueden crecer fuera de control y pueden ser una fuente de cientos de calorías en exceso.

Tarde en la noche merendar casi nunca cae en la buena merendar categoría y suele ser impulsada por los antojos o hábito más que legítimo de hambre. Aquí hay algunos consejos para ayudarle a hacer saludable después de la cena en la comida decisiones y romper el hábito de la noche merendar.

1. Eat a satisfying dinner

This may seem obvious, but is often overlooked by someone actively trying to lose weight. Though dinners shouldn’t be excessively large, they should be balanced, nourishing and satisfying enough to keep you happy until bed time.

2. Eat fruit

Late night snacking is often fueled by a desire for sugar or dessert. A small piece of fruit can be a great way to satisfy this craving and help you make it to bedtime without indulging in unhealthy sweets.

3. Drink herbal tea

Often a desire to snack can be quenched by simply changing the flavor in your mouth. Warm mint or chamomile tea can substitute for dessert without actually contributing any calories.

4. Brush your teeth4. Brush your teeth

Dentists will tell you it’s good to brush your teeth as soon as possible after a meal to avoid tooth decay. An added bonus of this strategy is that toothpaste tends to make foods taste bad and sap your desire for late night snacks.

5. Drink some water

Water is often overlooked as a simple and effective way to avoid excessive eating. Not only is thirst often mistaken for hunger, water can also help fill your stomach during the extra time it takes for your brain to realize you are no longer hungry. Sparkling water flavored with a little citrus or cucumber is particularly effective at distracting your mouth from the desire to keep chewing.

6. Call a friend

Since late night snacking isn’t a symptom of real hunger, psychological tactics can be effective at helping you make it to bed without extra calories. Eating and talking are not compatible, so calling a friend or family member can be a great way to occupy your mind and mouth until the cravings pass.

7. Get moving

Light exercise can be great for killing the desire to eat. Try burning a few calories instead of eating them by taking a walk or making a booty call instead.

8. Play video games

Though I do not consider the Nintendo Wii a particularly effective form of exercise, one bonus of playing video games is it occupies both of your hands and makes it difficult to eat. It also gets your mind off the kitchen and onto something more fun. I’d vote for video games over television any day of the week.

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